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Sumeet Lubal

Experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in PHP, C++, Agile Methodologies, Java , and Databases. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor of Technology (BTech) focused in Computer Software and Media Applications from wce sangli. And 3+ years of experience @ galaxy electronics, symantec, veritas inc

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I'm a professional Software Engineer

I love creating beautiful websites, mobile apps, IoT projects, Data Science & AI, I have worked with worlds leading Security company Symantec Corporation & Backup company Veritas Software.

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I proposed a solution to move all sites from TDL to AWS as a cost-effective solution, after completing the migration of 9 websites in total, we were able to drop down cost from 40k dollars a year to just 13k dollars. There were few difficulties in this process that I overcame such as connecting University VPN, mail system, Single SignOn etc. GRA: idir I joined in IDIR lab under Dr. Chengkai Li to do research and develop two projects. The first project was about creating a tool that helped data scientist choose correct data set from different sources. For this me and my teammate generated a table view by developing an algorithm which carefully selected entities from graph structure.
Demo TableView
The second project was about creating a portal (using machine learning and NLP) for journalists to allow them to perform a fact check on tweets made by politicians just by clicking on a tweet. It gives most relevant claims offered by some reputed source to that tweet statement
Demo - ClaimBuster

Symantec Corporation

I joined the Symantec Corporation cloud team to help develop a feature in Backup product that supported cloud points as a destination. I worked on amazon s3 buckets. I worked on various bugs/etracks when needed. While working on a bug, I added a fix to GUI and that fix resulted in over 20 percent increase in operations. I also used intel V tune, Visual VM and gperf for performance improvement.

Veritas Corporation

My team was responsible for upgrading middleware ACE/TAO used in the product of Backup/ Restore(NetBackup). While doing the major upgrade of components in a large product such as NetBackup I found we had a very slow build process(pipeline). I suggested my team to deploy Jenkins for a complete pipeline of product. I also helped on the implementation of VxSSIOP security protocol for the GUI of the product. My team developed internal Obfuscation tools and Captcha for WebGUI of product. I lead a team of 4 to win a companywide hackathon and received winner award 3 times for innovation.

Galaxy Electronics

As an intern, I was responsible for creating an Android app and a web service which enabled health checks on large scale power inverter application. We added features such as estimated electricity cost, hours of operation, scheduled maintenance to the app. As an experiment, we added a feature of detecting probable 'maintenance call' before any problem accrued with the inverter device using machine learning. We used attributes such as battery health, current/voltage spikes, last repair, usage time, environmental factors(humidity, noise) for training SVM model


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